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Welcome to Target Set Technology a specialist development engineering company focusing on increasing the quality and quantity of your potato crop yields and reducing your costs through our own unique applied technology.

With over 40 years experience growing potato crops in the varied climate of the United Kingdom we can reduce your cost of production, increase the quantity and quality of your potato crop yield using wholly organic methods.

One aspect of our unique application technology allows us to inject nitrogen increasing microbes at an optimum time, much later in the season than anyone else. This ensures your crop is as healthy and abundant as possible and at the same time (or and in addition) reduces the quantity of fertiliser required by up to 30%*.

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What can Side Ridge Injection™ offer Potato Growers in a late and wet planting season?

This year potato growers are facing a wet and late planting season as the effects of the spring weather continue to bite. Using Side Ridge Injection™ (SRi) to apply liquid bio products, nutrients and fertiliser directly into the potato ridge root zone at a later stage than at planting can help growers solve the many problems posed by a wet planting period.

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"Try before you buy" Contracting service

We now offer a contracting service - giving you the opportunity to try before you buy!

We will come to your farm and apply your chosen fertiliser to an area of your field, then later in the year we will come back and harvest 4x10m of row from the SRi injected area as well as 4x10m in the standard farm practise area so that you can see the yield benefits!

For more information please contact Charlie Baker by email at charlie@targetset.co.uk or by telephone on +44 01353 661111

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Download our latest brochure covering the features of our SRi - Side Ridge Injector

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Potato trials

We can carry out trials on your land to prove the effectiveness of our approach.
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Equipment design & sales

Custom designed machinery capable of treating large areas per day.
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* Independant trials data is available.

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GLi 1610 Grassland Injection

Focusing on Chafer Grub Control by injecting garlic based botanical bio pesticides, and direct fertilizer injection. The new
GRASSLAND INJECTION™ (GLi™) system offers a completely fresh approach.

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SRi Machine ready to go for trial!

Our latest SRi machine ready to go to work on trials.

Our Latest SRi - Side Ridge injection machine

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Potato Review

We are pleased to announce we are being featured in the current edition of 'Potato Review'.

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