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What can SRi offer potato growers in a late and wet planting season
Tuesday 12th September 2017

This year potato growers are facing a wet and late planting season as the effects of the spring weather continue to bite. Using Side Ridge Injection™ (SRi) to apply liquid bio products, nutrients and fertiliser directly into the potato ridge root zone at a later stage than at planting can help growers solve the many problems posed by a wet planting period.

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GLi 1610 grassland injection
Tuesday 25th April 2017

Focusing on Chafer Grub Control by injecting garlic based botanical bio pesticides, and direct fertilizer injection. The new
GRASSLAND INJECTION™ (GLi™) system offers a completely fresh approach. The manufacturer also offers grassland managers the opportunity to purchase their own injection machines.

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SRi Machine Ready to go for trial
Monday 1st August 2016

SRi Machine ready to go for trial!

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Potato Review
Friday 27th February 2015

We are pleased to announce we are being featured in the current edition of 'Potato Review'.

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