What can Side Ridge Injection™ offer Potato Growers in a late and wet planting season?

This year potato growers are facing a wet and late planting season as the effects of the spring weather continue to bite. Using Side Ridge Injection™ (SRi) to apply liquid bio products, nutrients and fertiliser directly into the potato ridge root zone at a later stage than at planting can help growers solve the many problems posed by a wet planting period.

Side Ridge injector in action

SRi™ to speed up planting

Using SRi to apply fertiliser at a later stage than at planting means that the planter tractor can be lighter and impact on the ground is lower. This will also help to speed up the planting process by reducing down time to refill fertiliser applicators, allowing the grower to plant as efficiently as possible when the ground conditions/weather permits it.

SRi™ to mitigate late fertiliser deliveries

It is anticipated that fertiliser deliveries will be late and unpredictable as the growers will all begin to plant at the same time, putting pressure on the fertiliser suppliers. Using SRi at a later stage in the process to apply fertiliser will mitigate the risks of delaying planting due to late fertiliser deliveries.

SRi™ to increase soil aeration and reduce the impact of compacted ridges

The aeration effect of the injector tine of the SRi would reduce the impact of soil slump and compacted ridges which arise in wet soil conditions. Through 4 years of trials, the effect of aeration in wet conditions has produced considerable yield increase (4 to 10%), better shaped tubers and far less likely hood of lenticel rupture.

Side Ridge injector detail

SRi™ to better control fertiliser application rates

One of the greatest benefits of SRi and later fertiliser application is that you can react to the way the crop is growing and adjust the fertiliser usage rates accordingly. In fact, Target Set’s SRi trials have proven that application of fertiliser at a later stage and directly into the ridges can reduce the quantity of fertiliser required by up to 30%.

Target Set offer contracting and hire of their SRi™ machinery. Please contact Target Set’s Charlie Baker 07843158453 or visit targetset.co.uk for more information.