27 February 2015


Bio injection specialist contractor and machinery manufacturer Target Set Technology Ltd provides a unique contracting service. The company also offers growers the opportunity to purchase their own injection machines.

How Does it Work?

Using new technologies, together known as SIDE RIDGE INJECTIONTM (SRiTM) enables the injection of bio products, nutrients and fertilizer, at high pressures (8-10 bars), directly to the roots of growing potato plants through unique profile injectors. Crucially, the SRiTM system allows the most optimum timings to be selected for maximum effect.

PCN Control

Proven, effective PCN (Potato Cyst Nematodes) control is achieved by injecting a specially developed Garlic based liquid product, directly into the potato ridges. The injection process also offers the added benefit of disrupting nematode connections to the plant’s root system.

Bruising and Quality Control

A dramatic reduction in potato bruising has been achieved through SRiTM by injecting a special combination of calcium and zinc elements at key timings. Where damage through standard farm practice has been found to be unacceptable, SRiTM has reduced this to minimal levels.

Additional likely benefits have been achieved in the control of Internal Rust Spot (IRS) and Hollow Heart. The crop is further boosted by aeration and oxygenising as the SRiTM injection system passes through the potato ridges.

Independent trials have also revealed a considerable increase of calcium level in plants.

Liquid Fertilizer Injection

Direct injection of liquid fertilizer with SRiTM has proven to offer significant advantages over conventional systems, both through the direct nature of the application, and through timeliness. Injecting 5-8 weeks later than usual, one example shows how SRiTM contributed to a 12% yield increase. A second example, also injecting liquid fertilizer at emergence after the usual application time, but with a 30% reduction in fertilizer, showed an 8% increase in yield, clearly demonstrating scope for cost savings. The facility to add phosphate for the purpose of increasing tuber numbers is another potential benefit of the SRiTM injection system.

David Chambers, Pennard Hill Farm Ltd, Swaffham Prior, Cambridgeshire.
“At Pennard Hill Farm Ltd, we compared the Target Set SRiTM system against our standard farm practice of liquid placement at planting in both the 2013 and 2014 seasons. In 2013 the Target Set Technology trials planter was used to plant and inject fertiliser. The data recorded from replicated digs showed a 10t/ha increase in yield with the (Target Set SRiTM) injected fertiliser.”

Contracting Service

The latest 2015 model Target Set Technology SRITM injection machines feature all new DABb injectors with an improved narrow profile design, and completely redesigned side plates to eliminate ridge disturbance. Target Set Technology operates two contracting teams and will shortly be adding a new Grassland Injection (GLiTM) service focusing on Chafer Grub control.

Target Set Technology would be more than happy to talk to growers about their specific needs, and to tailor application programs and machinery accordingly.

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